Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Baths

The Baths
We had some visitors from St Thomas for a few days.  We had intended to have Elder George and Sister Sharon Peterson over for Sharon’s birthday December 30, then spend New Year’s Eve at The Baths on Virgin Gorda and they would go home on January 1.  They came over a day earlier, and because of a sudden visit from President Alvarado on December 31, they stayed a day longer. Then we missed the ferry back to St Thomas so they spent most of January 2 with us, too.  I am sure they are tired of us by now.  It was good to get together and compare notes.

January 1 was a long day.  We caught the early ferry to Virgin Gorda.  It was the smallest boat they have, so it bounced a lot and water was blown through the open windows. The windows were closed and we finished the trip with little fresh air.  It was good to get there.  We rented a car, drove around the island, visited two of the Church members who live there (we just happened to drive by their apartment and they were sitting on the veranda), and drove to The Baths, the main focus of our visit.

We had lunch and grabbed our gear to hike the 350 yards to the shore.  There we changed into our swim gear, stowed some bags of clothes, etc, and moved into the trail from The Baths to Devil’s Bay.  

It was a very interesting trail through tight spots, stairs, sand and water, and huge round boulders.  That trail was about 250 yards long, ending at a small bay with a big beach.  

Devil's Bay
The Baths
The Baths is known as a snorkeling site, but the surf was too high and dangerous.  It was exciting to look at but certainly not a place to go swimming.  

Small wave at Devil's Bay
Devil’s Bay is aptly named.  A huge wave came crashing down on Gaye and Sharon when they had turned their backs and rolled them over and over.  Both ended up with wrenched knees and sand every where.  George and I had a good swim out in the bay, but then the hard trip back to the car began.   

I went back through The Cave and picked up the gear I left at The Baths.  The others took the trail up the hill to the parking lot.   I made three trips up the trail hauling gear and finally helping the walking wounded ladies get to the car.  So now we have two ladies with fairly serious injuries to their knees.  The Peterson’s have gone back to St Thomas.  Gaye and I have spent the day doing laundry and getting ourselves ready to go back to work.  Sometimes “vacations” are not worth the cost.

All in all, it was a good experience to get together to compare notes. Elder Peterson has a MSW focussed on 12-Step Addiction Recovery programs.  They are starting a Church-sponsored program on St Thomas and will help the rest of us get similar programs going through the Islands.  We have been having good success with the Keyboarding Instruction program and now Sharon is ready to go back to St Thomas and get it going there.  We had planned on being together for 2-1/2 days and ended spending almost 6 days together.  

Trail through The Cave

The Baths

Devil's Bay

Now it is back to work.  Stay tuned.

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