Thursday, October 3, 2013

A New Mormon Family

September 28-29, 2013

On September 28 we witnessed the baptism of Br and Sister Sundar. They are already a great addition to the St Kitts Branch. They asked me to perform the baptisms, but I explained that it would be better if they would have two local priesthood holders perform the baptisms and I would confirm them on Sunday.  We were talking about baptism a couple of days before the interview and I asked what they knew about The Holy Ghost.  Br Sundar said he knew about baptism but he didn't know about the laying on of hands for receiving The Holy Ghost.  I know the sisters taught them, though, so I began to review it when their older son, age 7, piped in with, "Yes.  There must be baptism of water and of fire!"  Well, he got that right.  We reviewed the importance of recognizing and receiving The Holy Ghost into our lives.  It was a great teaching opportunity.

The family was taught by the beautiful sisters sent here by President Smartt soon after he took the reins of the mission.  The elders had made contact earlier, but it just didn't get off the ground.  The sisters just marched in there and taught them the Restoration and all the subsequent lessons and they were converted before they even knew what hit them!  Sister Sierra got hold of a 15-step quit-smoking program.  We rehearsed it, went over and taught it, asked him to crush his cigarettes and get rid of anything in the house that reminded him of smoking, and that was it. He said he has not had an urge to smoke since then.

The thing that is most broken in the Caribbean, and probably in the world, is the family.  That is where we can do the most good.  The political "leaders" of our country are trying to be nice and correct without offending Satan.  In the process we are losing our connection to what is most important.  That will be corrected one family at a time.  We are not the only people who recognize that, but we are the ones who need to stand up and teach the world.  If we don't lead, and follow, it will not happen.  But it must happen!  This world is sinking into sin. It needs help.  It needs all of us.

So here are some photos.  We love these people!
Family Sundar

Younger son, age 3

Three weeks ago

The shirt says it all!

Eating roti at the Sundar home

Br and Sister Sundar

Br Browne, Br Sundar, Sister Sundar, Br Jeffers


  1. What sweet, wonderful people! You two are really making a difference!

  2. Super! It's wonderful to see some of the "fruits of your labors!" Thank you for sharing. :)