Friday, April 4, 2014

Hatches Visit PR

Time flies!  It has already been a week since the Hatchlings came to visit us in Puerto Rico. We missed Jackson, but it is good that he didn't come.  We visited the beach a few times, enjoyed the amazing bioluminescent water at Fajardo Bio Bay, explored Old San Juan, and spent some time snorkeling on Vieques.  We also visited the very small LDS branch at Vieques.  We were sitting in the room before the meeting started and in walked Jan Jones from our home ward in Twin Falls.  We were so surprised that we didn't even get a photo, but she sure was there.  What are the chances!  So here are some photos of our experience.

Fajardo to Vieques Ferry the day after the Bio Bay Kayak Trip.

This Ceiba Tree is 400 years old

This is living tree, not rock!

On our back patio.

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  1. Is there an explanation for that floating hat in Dallin and London's muscle picture?