Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Catching Up

When some friends returned from their missions I was a little upset because they stopped writing on their blog sites.  I thought that was narrow of them to stop telling me what was going on in their lives.  Well, we have been home since early May and I have not written.  I have no excuses, except that…Well, it doesn’t matter.

We received a call to serve in the Twin Falls Temple shortly after our return.  
Twin Falls Idaho Temple
We arrive at the temple at 0400 every Wednesday morning and finish at 1100.  That might seem like a silly hour to be serving at the temple, but it is actually very busy.  For the past few years, almost since the temple was dedicated, the baptistery has been open for youth and adults with limited recommends to come and do baptisms.  It is really amazing to observe what is taking place at that early hour.  Every Wednesday as many as 200 young men and young women arrive, on their own without being assigned, to do baptisms.  They come from all over the Magic Valley and some of them driving a couple of hours to get here.  They are bright, happy, beautiful young people, and they are performing a wonderful service for thousands of people who have passed on.  They are also blessing their own lives and the lives of others who come to serve with them.

The temple is an amazing place.  As ordinance workers we have a lot of dialogue to learn.  Every ordinance is to be done with exactness.  The ceremonies are revealed, so we surely don’t have the right to modify them.  The beautiful thing is that as I have been learning the dialogues, the fuller meaning of what is taking place is sinking into my own heart and mind.  There was a time, many years ago, when I wondered what kept people coming to the temple to hear the exact same things over and over.  Well, I don’t think that any more.  It is like reading the Book of Mormon over and over.  The words are exactly the same, but the experience is never the same.  That is because these are places where revelation takes place.  When we come to the temple or to the scriptures with a properly prepared heart and mind, then we put ourselves in place to receive inspiration that does not come in any other place or way.  We don’t talk about specifics in the temple, so I will leave it at that.  But I learned a few years ago that what we learn in the temple comes from revelation.

I’ll try to write more.  There will probably not be as many photos.  I think I can keep it interesting, however.  I learned that one of my older posts had over 10,000 hits!  That flabbergasts me.  Some people don’t have enough to do.

Manhattan New York
Here are a few temples we have visited.  There are more, each of them beautiful.

Salt Lake City Utah
Rexburg Idaho
Nauvoo Illinois
Santo Domingo Dominican Republic
Brisbane Australia

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