Thursday, September 18, 2014

Danette to BYUI

TF Temple at Sunset
Several months ago while we were serving in the Caparra Ward, one of the young ladies in the ward told us that she was accepted to attend BYUI.  I told her then that if she can get to SLC we will get her to Rexburg and help her get settled.  Her name is Danette.

Danette and her mom, Nana, arrived in SLC on Sept 7 and stayed for a couple of days with some friends there.  Those friends then brought Danette and Nana to our house, where they would stay for a couple of days before we would take them to Rexburg.  We had fun showing them around Twin Falls, including Shoshone Falls, which is almost bone dry this time of year.  
Shoshone Falls during irrigation season
I asked Danette if she would like to mow the lawn.  She did, and she had a ball!
Mowing our front lawn
On Thursday I filled in at the temple for a neighbor, and we left right after I got home.  We decided to take them the back road, through Craters of the Moon.  
Craters of the Moon
It is a little longer that way, not distance but time, but it is also a little more interesting than going on the freeway.  They enjoyed seeing the geologic formations at Craters. 
Freezing at Craters of the Moon
They were both pretty excited to be there.  Temperatures around here are in the upper 60F range, so they are both feeling like we live in the deep freeze.  Danette will get used to it, though.  Nana is headed back to balmy Puerto Rico.

On Friday morning the plan was to sleep in a little bit and them drive leisurely to Rexburg to get moved into the dorm.  Danette was up at the crack of dawn, however, and they were both excited and ready to go.  We ate breakfast and drove the back way into Rexburg.  She is living in Ricks Hall on campus.  She met her roommates, moved her stuff into her bedroom, and quickly became immersed in orientation activities for new freshman students.  I think Danette will get along fabulously.  I suspect this will be harder on her parents than it will be on her.  We told Danette that she and her roommate(s) are welcome to come to visit us any time.  We will plan on having them over for Thanksgiving for sure, and maybe other times, too.  

Gaye showed Nana how to make some peach jam.  It was really good, too.  So now Nana has a few pints of jam for her storage, made by her own hands in Twin Falls Idaho.
Gaye and Nana making jam


  1. I will love to try that trip and the jam too

  2. What a great young lady to send to BYU-I and for you to be her away-from-home family. I bet she did a better job at mowing the lawn that you!
    I loved also see Spencer and boys in the earlier post. Give the two love-birds both a hug for me. . .they were special friends and students at BYU-Idaho when I was teaching and they were going to school.
    Love the pictures--you've got a gift.

    Brother Doug, or as I'm referring to myself over here: Elder MacLadle, of the Clan of Douglas!