Sunday, March 11, 2012

The First One

This is Barbara, a little orphan girl in Guatemala.  Spencer and I met her last year and everybody in the group wanted to bring her home.
2 year old Barbara
3 year old Barbara

Barbara is happier with Gaye

I have been to Guatemala 4 times.  Each time I feel greater love for these sweet people.  I just want them to have the Gospel.  And that is happening fast, too.  There are now 22 stakes in Guatemala City (many Book of Mormon students feel that is where the Land of Nephi was located) and another 22 stakes outside the city.  There are also 5 missions and 2 temples there.  These are Lehi's children, and the Spirit surrounds them.

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  1. Ken, thanks for telling me about your blog. I really like it and plan to visit often. I appreciate the perspective you offer. In my blog I have a combination of things, I have our life (our REAL life), but I also like to write about things I believe or that I am thinking and feeling to help uplift people. It is an interesting medium, but I have had many occasions where people have called me and told me that it is what they needed to hear. I am hoping to get back to blogging next week so watch for the post on on Guatemala by midweek, (I hope).