Thursday, March 22, 2012

Scripture Stories

I am not much for movies about serious things.  The Bible movies, like The Ten Commandments, The Greatest Story Ever Told, and The Big Fisherman are pretty weak.  The book is better.  I didn't even want to go to The Book of Mormon Movie because there is no way it could stand up to the book itself.  So I was a little concerned that the LDS videos about the life of Jesus would not be able to meet the appropriate standard.  Well, they do meet that standard.  I find them sensitive, complete, and they encourage The Holy Ghost to quietly testify of the truth of the message they tell.  I hope you will check them out and tell your friends.  The message is for everybody.

The painting is by Carl Bloch.  The subject is Jesus in Gethsemane receiving support from an Angel sent from His Father.  Gaye says this is His Mother.  

As I was standing by this large Bloch painting of Jesus at the Pool of Bethesda, I noticed this young woman reverently taking in the scene.  I felt the love of God reach out to her and comfort her with a promise that Jesus will heal her, too.  It was a learning moment for me.


  1. I wonder if the painter ever considered it His Mother while he was painting it. It feels like it could be true.

  2. Both of those pics are inspiring. I have never stopped to see the one with the angel. It strikes a heavenly chord.