Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mangoes or Mangos, You Choose

Nevis is known by Kititians for having lots of mango trees. They really are everywhere, and right now is the heart of mango season.  There are literally hundreds of mangoes lying on the ground under the hundreds of trees that line the roads and decorate the yards.  The Allen family here sends mangoes to their kids on St Kitts.  They don’t have a car, so when we go to their house, as we did last night for FHE with them, they give us a box of mangoes to send on the ferry.  I take it to the boat, pay the small fee, and they pick it up at the other end.

I am learning that mangoes are like apples in that there are many varieties, and they all taste like mangoes, but they also have subtle differences.  So here are a few photos of mangoes.  By the way, the big ones with the red on the skin were given to us by Francesca, one of our members who came over last night for FHE with us.  We actually hold two FHE on Monday nights, one with the Allen family and one at our apartment with whoever wants to join us. Anyway, those two big mangoes were plucked from the Tree of Life.  Really.  It really is the fruit most sweet and delightful above all other fruits, and it is desirable to make one happy.  Just not quite in the same way as the other Tree of Life.

Maybe you will enjoy this, but not nearly as much as we enjoy eating them.

Mango Varieties

The cup is for size comparison

A few mangoes on the ground.

At St Kitts chapel, priesthood meeting is held out here.

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