Sunday, July 14, 2013

More Nevis

A week ago we had a visit from a family from Ohio.  
Tom Dalziel was a missionary on St Kitts in the early 1990’s. Since then he has married Barb, a dental hygienist among other qualifications, and they have 5 good looking wonderful kids. They came down here for a week to do some humanitarian service projects, enjoying a family vacation on the side.  We spent a couple of days with them and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  They presented a great dental disease prevention program to a couple of youth groups and to an orphanage in Basseterre.  They stayed at a house that was available for rent, seen here.  

This is a shower for salt and sand removal

We are still working on some of the ideas they gave us when they were.  Tom is a professor of entrepreneurial development (or something like that) at University of Cincinnati. 

Here are some random photos of things we have seen and experienced on Nevis.  It is a small island that takes about 45 minutes to drive around if we keep to the speed limit of 40 mph.  The truck has a km/h speedometer.  Fuel is sold in imperial gallons.  I just drive the truck, put fuel in when it is half empty, and play like it gets 50 miles per gallon.  That is a lot easier than trying to convert everything to mpg.

Read the wording.  Interesting.

Elder Hayes, Elder Taylor, Some Old Folks, President Alvarado

Flamboyant Tree

One of the interesting things here is how the vegetation covers everything up.  Every vacant lot is covered with vines that have a little red flower.  Here are some interesting examples we have seen.

Dump Truck


Rudyard Kipling called this "letting in the jungle"

Live in the bottom, work on the top. All reinforced block.

Medical School on Nevis

Cool old Anglican Church built in the 1700's still in use

Mt Nevis in one of her moods

Nevis Beach near Hot Water Springs

Wind-kite surfing, or whatever it is called.  Looks exciting.

I was in a store last week for some household stuff and I noticed the lady behind the counter had an interesting name.  I also noticed that her name tag was round.  I asked her if I could take a photo of her name tag, to which she readily and happily agreed.  So if any or you need a photo of a round to-it, as in the thing many people don’t have when they fail to do something that needs to be done, here it is.  Now you can show them a round Tuitt. 
(You know the line they use--I just didn’t get around to it.)

What season is it?  To us it feels about the same as it did in December, except that the sun comes up earlier and goes down later.  I think it is hurricane season but we have had no challenges so far. I think a tropical storm came through the area last week but other than a couple of 3 minute showers we didn't notice anything unusual. We are past the hump now so the daylight hours will become less as the sun swings back to the south side of the sky.  My head is totally, totally confused about which direction is north.  I don’t think it will get straightened out until I get back to Idaho.
Nevis Sunset

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