Sunday, August 11, 2013

Beautiful Sunday


Today we had a great sacrament meeting with 10 (TEN) (10%x100) people present!
Sister Sierra from Mexico, Sister Tapia from Chile
Two beautiful sister missionaries came over from St Kitts yesterday and stayed with us in the apartment.  I think I wondered before if we are living in the church or holding meetings in our apartment.  The answer is that we live in the church on Sundays but the rest of the week we hold meetings and gather for activities at our apartment.  Anyway, these two young ladies came over to help us.  Sister Sierra is the senior of the of the companionship and will be returning to Mexico in about 6 weeks.  Sister Tapia is only 1 month in the mission, coming from Chile.  Sister Sierra speaks English very well and Sister Tapia is catching on quickly. We have three members of our branch who speak Spanish, so we invited the sisters to come over and help us connect with our Spanish sisters.  It was a great success.
Three lovely lady missionaries-Sister Patterson, Sister Sierra, Sister Tapia
I will spare the details, but the powerful feeling of love and connection was felt by everyone present.  Sister Sierra commented, "This is a small group, but the Spirit is certainly strong here."  Yes, it certainly is.  Brother Allen is becoming more confident every Sunday as he conducts the meetings.  This is so cool!!!
Precious, Sister P, Amparo, Francisca, Perla (in front) taken Tuesday at Branch Activity Night
We had rain today like I have never seen before.  It was coming down in bucketfuls.  I went to help some of the members get through the gate into our yard and I was immediately drenched from my knees down, although the umbrella kept the top half quite dry.  Earlier in the morning Sister Allen called to see if they could get a ride to church because the bus would not be able to get up their street.  I wondered what the problem was but I hopped into the truck and drove up the hill to their home.  They live exactly 10 kilometers from our place.  As I turned off the main road to ascend the steep road I was amazed at the river that was coming down the road.  I did not have my camera so you won't get to see any pictures, but there were 6-inch rocks rolling along the road/streambed.  There was about a foot of water at one intersection.  Of course our trusty Toyota Hilux 4WD had no problem but it was amazing.  The window wipers were not keeping up, even on their highest setting.  Of course it stopped quite suddenly after I got the Allens back to the church for the meeting.

I hope you have had a wonderful Sunday.  We sure have.  The sisters have returned to St Kitts on the ferry.  We are expecting President Smartt to visit us on Nevis on Tuesday.  Who knows what will happen after that.

In closing I urge you to visit the Guatemala Smiles blog that is linked here.  Elder and Sister Call and the others who have been on their dental mission to Guatemala for the past two years tell some sweet stories of miracles that will bring tears to your eyes and joy to your hearts.  I just wish I could speak Spanish. I love the Guatemala people, too.

Sunset on Nevis from our apartment

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  1. 10 people! You are going to have to organize a stake pretty soon. I love seeing faces with the names you talk about. Please do take a picture of the rain storm. I love heavy rain.