Monday, August 5, 2013

Upcoming Temple Trip

Robert, Dorothy, and Evanson 
We don't have a lot to do here on Nevis, but we have really enjoyed getting to know the Allen family.  We have invited them to get ready to go to the temple this fall, and they have accepted the invitation.  We meet with them once or twice each week in addition to our Sunday meetings.  Br Allen has been called to be the Nevis family group leader.  He is a priest right now but will soon be ordained an elder.  Evanson is working on his mission papers and wants to leave as soon as he can get ready. A mission changes the lives of young people here more than almost any other event in their lives.  We are excited to help them prepare, and to have a goal for ourselves to go with them.  Being all alone here at the end of the known world is not too much to pay for the blessing of being able to work with these great people.  Gaye is teaching 4 piano students, too.  That and her famous brownies will get us into any less-active family's home.

Deondre, 12, the only member in his family

Some 18th century structures right in Charlestown