Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Crowding in Line

I noticed tonight as we were driving home that the locals have no hesitation about crowding into a line.  If one lane is long because it turns left or right, the other cars will just burn past the waiting cars up to the front of the line and then crowd in.  And I mean they literally crowd in.  The driver turns his wheel and puts his nose right into the flow of traffic so the oncoming or following car must let him in or hit him.  It is quite irritating.

It doesn’t just happen in the lanes of traffic, either.  The same thing happened at the grocery store.  Some guy just walked up to the front of the line and crowded in.  That is also quite irritating.  

It happened again when we were waiting in line at an eating place.  Guy walks up to the front of the line and crowds into the line. It really gets irritating. 

I saw it happen a lot on the islands too, where there would be a long line of people waiting to get onto the car ferry.  Young woman drove her hot purple rod right up to the front of the line and crowded in.  The last car in the line just barely fit onto the boat.  He would have had to wait for the next boat, two hours later, because the little lady crowded in.  That was really irritating.

So now I understand a lot more about how the illegal residents in the US feel about waiting in line or crowding in.  They think nothing of crowding in.  It is quite irritating.

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