Saturday, May 18, 2013

Baptism Bay

We had another baptism.  Marcus has been coming to church for the past several months with his older brother Orlando and sister Nakisha and his younger sister.  The mom is a member but the dad is not, yet.  We have a good relationship with the family.  The dad has been reluctant to let Marcus be baptized because he (Dad) does not feel that he is ready.  I have asked the dad, I have asked the mom, I have asked the mom to ask the dad, I have asked the elders to ask the dad, I have asked Orlando and Kisha to ask the dad, and I have asked Marcus to ask the dad if he can be baptized.  Our elders have been going to the home several evenings each week to read the Book of Mormon with the kids.  Last week they suggested that Marcus ask his dad.  They had their usual prayer and he prayed that his dad would allow him to be baptized.

Last Fast Sunday Marcus stood up and expressed his gratitude that his dad is allowing him to baptized on his 11th birthday, May 15.  There were a few communication breakdowns, but with the help of The Spirit we patched things up and on Wednesday evening at the west end of Long Bay we witnessed the baptism of Marcus by his brother Orlando.  It was sweet.  The interaction of the two of them after the baptism is recorded on film.  I hope you enjoy having a peek into this wonderful event.

Elder Hammer is pointing at a small stingray

Hold you nose

Congratulations, Brother Marcus

Dad couldn't be there but this was with his approval

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