Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Morning Walk on Tortola

Random Scenes from our Morning Walks
We see this gentleman out walking his boss' dog every morning

A private driveway
The Wall
Another Private Driveway
Flowers along the way

Termite Nest-One of Many on the Trail

Egg Plant
Bad Hair Day

This lady walks from town every day to work at one of the homes.  She is from Dominica.
Suzzie patiently waiting for us to return
We also go out walking about four mornings per week, right past Baptism Bay.  It is a 2 mile route and goes up and down some very steep hills and through some beautiful scenery.  I will just say the roads here surprised me at first because of how steep they are.  It is not uncommon to have 30-40 degree slopes on driveways and even main roads.  The Ashton Grade is 5%, which is a steep road for snow country.   But since there is no snow here the roads can be much steeper.  Forty-five degrees is 100% slope.  We walk along the flatter sections of the trail as fast as we can walk and then try to march up the sloped sections without stopping.  The longest section is about 400 yards so it is a vigorous climb.  I get my pulse clear up to 115 bpm on that section.  While I wait for Gaye to come up, a little more slowly, I pick up my 15 lb. rock and lift it over my head as many times as I can.  Then we walk on around the hill and reverse the direction to do it again.
Along the way I have located a few large rocks of various weights that I stop and lift at least 10 times over my head.  I also have three large rocks that I lean against and do 20 pushups.  They are not full horizontal pushups but they are a good workout.  Pushing this old hefty body away from a vertical wall is a good workout.  By the end of our 50 minute, 2 mile walk and exercise route we are both sweating profusely.  That is because we are working hard, but also because the relative humidity is over 80% with the temperature in the high 70 to 80F range.  It takes a while to stop the perspiring after we get back to our apartment, which is about 10 minutes by car from the walking route.  So now you know more about our daily routine.


  1. This is a great update. Keep pushing and the rocks will move some day. The egg plant and bad hair day made me laugh. You live in a gorgeous place with beautiful people.

  2. Is that really an egg plant? Are those eggs growing on the plant or did the wild chickens lay them?