Sunday, May 5, 2013

Joshua St Rose Mission Call

Dear Elder St Rose...
Joshua received his mission call.  His family has a mail box at the same place we do, so I asked the girls at the office if he had any large letters in his mail box.  I didn't want to get the letter, I just wanted to know.  Nothing.  Then one day I was walking over to check the mail and there was Joshua headed for the same place.  There was a large letter waiting for him.  He retrieved the letter and took it out to show his mother who was waiting for him in the truck.  They wanted to open it at Mutual the next evening, so they gave it to me to keep safe until then.
St Rose Family and Lisa
The next evening we had many from the branch at the church to participate in the Opening of the Call ceremony.  New York New York South is what it said.  He will go to the Provo MTC, which is what he wanted.  Enter the MTC September 3.  That is months away, but it will take that long to get his visa. So everybody is excited.  Now we just have two more to go.  Then our little branch will have SEVEN missionaries out.  That is more than some stakes in Puerto Rico have.

Jurmaine had a chemo tx today, so he is not feeling really hot.


  1. How the heck do I get in touch with you and Gaye? You have been gone for 6-7 months and no address where to write to you!

  2. Seven missionaries from that little branch is amazing. Their service will be a huge blessing for everyone.