Thursday, September 26, 2013


This is a little off the subject. Alaska is a long way from the Caribbean in many ways. We lived up there for three years from 1978-1981.  Kendra and Spencer were born there. Now Juli and Shon and their family are there.  Greg and his family just left for Japan.  Those are all separate stories.  But Juli just sent this story to me.  I thought I would just pass it along. When we were up there we learned that a moose is the most dangerous animal in the woods.  A cow with calves is more dangerous than a bull in rut.  Anyway, here is Juli's story.

Emily ran in this track meet last year and she babysits the Novokoviches. Only in Alaska!  (Or maybe Newfoundland.)

Aggressive moose shot near middle-school race at Kincaid Park

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