Sunday, September 1, 2013

Back on St Kitts

Sometimes we must do hard things.  That is how we grow.

Sunday, September 1, 2013.  We are back on St Kitts.  We arrived yesterday by Sea Bridge, the vehicle ferry between Nevis and St Kitts.  We were actually hoping to get on the 1000 boat but we didn’t get to the terminal until well after 1030.  The boat was just approaching from St Kitts, and there was quite a line of cars ahead of us.
Waiting in line to get on the boat
A couple of young ladies in a bright purple car just drove right on past the line of cars and crowded into the line.  That sort of ticked me off, but we all made it on, just barely.  The 1000 boat left at 1130, right on time.
Leaving Nevis

One of many pelicans
The car in front of us had a couple of cute kids in the back seat.  The little girl would stick her head out the window and flirt with me. 
I loved it.  After we were on the ferry I pulled out my camera and asked her dad if I could take some pictures.  He smiled and said, “Sure.”  These are cute kids.  But all kids are cute, aren’t they?!

Meeting today was so different from what we have experienced for the past two months.  It was St Kitts Branch, of which the Nevis group is a part, but it seemed like a huge ward in comparison.  There were probably 50-60 people in attendance.  I actually ended up shuttling people around all day because Elder Card was here to conduct some mission business.  He is the counsellor to President Smartt who is assigned to the islands.  Then had had to do an audit of the branch.  Meanwhile President Gonzalez asked me to go get one family who was on their way to church but had car trouble.  In all I made 9 trips between our apartment and the church.  It is about 6-7 miles each way, so that is a lot of miles for one day.  No problem.  I am glad to be able to help.
Elder and Sister Card are on their third mission, but he also served a mission as a young man.  His wife is in Antigua because President Smartt is following the rules and requiring the couples to pay the fare of the wife if both travel.  This mission was the second highest travel spender in the whole church last year.  That has definitely changed, and it is good.  Anyway, Elder Card plays the fiddle, the Irish whistle (they served their second mission in Ireland), and a few other instruments, all self-taught.  He is also the uncle of Jolynn Shaw, married to Gaye’s nephew Stacey.  Small world.  we spent the day with Elder Card after the meetings and the audit were complete.  It really is fun to have someone to talk to besides each other. We have also become much closer, however, because of our Nevis experience.
Liverpool kids.  Folks are less active members.

Here are some photos of the area, and some of the cute kids in the car next to ours on the boat.

The largest, best tasting avocado I have ever experienced.

Some local flowers...and kids.

Bye, bye.


  1. Love those happy faces! I can imagine your "flirting" right back at them! I really enjoy reading about your experiences. I talked to Phyllis Lewin last week. Did you know they moved to St. George? And they love the heat! I'm still working, Rick is still retired! Our roles have certainly changed. Thanks for your lovely example of going and doing...... love, Kathleen

  2. I love this post! All the pictures are awesome! We have been having Twin's version of hurricane weather here also! Enjoy that avocado with lemon juice for me!

  3. That avacado looks good. I love avacados. You should have a guacamole party.