Friday, September 27, 2013


Last Sunday I played the opening song for sacrament meeting because the branch organist was late getting to the church. Gaye led the singing, too, because the chorister had the same problem.  Then Gaye had to speak in the meeting, too. This is actually one of the stronger branches in the islands. Sigh.
Sometimes Plans Get Changed. Sigh
The Gospel Principles class instructor did not show up because he had car problems and had no way to get to church.  I taught the lesson with 1 minute’s warning.  It was actually a very good lesson.  At least I learned a lot.  Sigh.
We have a few young men, and older men, too, who are being prepared to receive the Melchizedek Priesthood.  A special conference was called for this coming Sunday afternoon so the names of those brethren, and others in the islands of the mission, could have their names presented for ratification of the body of the priesthood. Now it is looking like only Br Allen from Nevis will be presented, at least from this branch. So we are starting over with the preparation lessons because those young and older men are not ready. Sometimes one or more do not show up for church, so the lesson is missed and we have to backtrack.  Sigh.
It is not uncommon to have about 1/3 of the total attendance arrive during or after the sacrament is administered.  I don’t know how to get people to show more respect for others and get here on time.  It is a problem throughout the Caribbean, and I suspect we are not the only place on the planet.  In my mind it is a matter or respect for others,  for the Lord, and for self.  Sometimes things come up and being a little late can’t be helped.  Most times, though, it is simply making a plan for the day and following it.  Our own family had that discussion many times as we were racing to get to church on time. The trip to the Kimberly Stake Center was 8 minutes long, so when we were leaving home at five minutes to start time I would frustratingly pronounce that we were late.  I would be corrected that we were not late because it was still 3 minutes to 0900, even though we still had 5 minutes of driving time. Sigh.
Tonight is Branch Family Fun Night.  Once a month the whole branch gets together for an activity.  Although we have been here for almost 4 months, this is the first one we have been able to attend. The first one was the day after we were sent to Nevis and the most recent one was held the day before we returned from outer darkness back to St Kitts.  No problem. Sigh.

Can you see me rolling my eyes?  Sigh.  I love these sweet people anyway.  Big Sigh.

One of the mango trees at the church was mangled--I mean pruned, with a machette. Sigh

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